Ingenia Modular Air Handling SolutionsKoch Applied Solutions provides industry leading custom air handlers to meet exact needs of the end user. Our partnership with Ingénia provides exceptional IAQ features in an industry leading hygienic design providing a solution that focuses on healthy buildings and the occupant needs. These custom air handlers also allow us to offer our customers a diverse range of options for unique applications. Ingénia custom air handlers can be configured to fit the most challenging spaces and difficult installations, with options such as:

  • Special acoustics requirements
  • Special ventilation-monitoring needs
  • Humidity control
  • Electrostatic antimicrobial powder coating
  • Bacteria defeating UV lights

Ingenia Custom Air Handlers

Ingénia air handlers are designed to provide quality features while also being cost effective. Superior fabrication methods enable these air handlers to deliver superior reliability standards, the lowest leakage rates, along with the best thermal performances. Design reliability and accuracy is assured through lab-tested data and AHRI, AMCA and ETL certified products.

SEMCO Custom Air Handlers

SEMCO offers custom air handlers that recover energy, increase ventilation, and control humidity, while keeping facility occupants healthy. These air handlers have been proven in a wide range of applications to deliver the most cost-effective solution to the ASHRAE 62 requirement of providing continuous ventilation while controlling humidity under any operating condition.

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