Desiccant and Refrigeration Based Systems for Dehumidification

Dry-O-Tron DS-D SeriesWhen it is necessary to remove excess moisture from the air, surfaces, products or processes in a controlled environment, both desiccant dehumidifiers and mechanical refrigeration systems should be considered to handle the job. The choice of the right system for the project depends on a number of factors.

Which Dehumidification System is Right for My Application?

Generally speaking, refrigeration-based dehumidification systems are the most economical choice but these systems are mechanically limited and only fully applicable when systems are operating at roughly 32°F Saturated Suction Temperature which would yield an approximate leaving air condition of 43°F from the DX Coil. Operating below this level requires defrost cycles to prevent the evaporator coil from freezing during operation, often creating an opportunity for the controlled space to fall out of design spec during defrost.

Desiccant-based systems are a better option for lower temperatures and lower moisture levels, with the ability to reach -70°F dewpoints. Desiccant is the solution you should consider if you truly need independent temperature and humidity control. This is very common in applications in medical procedures, surgery and operating rooms, document and seed storage, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical/nutraceutical production and storage.

Desiccant systems and refrigeration-based systems can be used together to achieve peak efficiency, since the advantages of each compensate for the limitations of the other. The cost difference between electrical power and natural gas or steam are considerations in determining the right mix of desiccant to refrigeration-based dehumidification in a particular application. Our experienced team of moisture experts can help you determine the correct solution for your project.

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